Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Power of Concentration

There are usually various opportunities all around us, but what matters is where you put your focus. Always ask yourself this question everyday: "Where should my focus be?". Wherever you focus your attention, you will definitely create strength and momentum.

Always be single-minded. Be stable in the pursuit of your goal. Be limitlessly passionate about it. Be intensely concentrated, have a boundless vision and a definite commitment to excellence.

It is focus (concentration) that opens the door to accomplishments. Infact, the first law of success is concentration, that is, the ability to bend all the energies and efforts to one point and then going to that particular point.

The most successful people today are those of focus, who have struck their blows in one place until they have accomplished their purpose. They usually have one specific idea, one steady aim, a single and concentrated purpose.

There is usually a great disparity between some people’s dreams and the results they achieve. This is simply due to the difference in their commitment to bring all their abilities and focus them towards a specific point.

There are two basic ways to fail - to take nobody’s advice and also taking everybody’s advice. Always learn to say No to the good so you can say Yes to the best. We accomplish things simply by directing our desires to one point, not by ignoring them. Imagine the immense powers you will possess when you process specific aims or goals. Infact, your words and your actions will be improved only when you begin to live for a reason.

Don’t be a person who is uncertain about the future and even hazy about the present. Make something your specialty. You can never find until you define. Life is like a race; to finish the race, you must remain on one track. Always learn to define yourself. Try to content yourself with some specific goals and definite works. Dare to be who you really are.

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