Monday, November 13, 2006

Never Get Distracted

One of the primary strategies of the devil to hinder one's momentum is Distraction, that is, to keep us from bring focused on the plan of God for our lives. You must determine what you really want and know what God wants for you. This will enable us to keep digging for diamonds and to stop chasing butterflies.

We must always learn to pay more attention to the thoughts are working positively in our lives than to the things that are working negatively in our lives.

Most times, people usually tend to devote majority of their efforts, time and attention those things that are never going to be productive in their lives.

Always clear your mind of the things that are out of your control in order to focus and act upon your goals for the day. You will always get lost by trying to find an alternate route for the straight and narrow.

Most times, the words and sayings of others will be one of the primary distractions that will try to hinder you. But then, always try to do just once, what others say you can not do and you will never pay attention to their limitations again. If you let or allow the people stop you, they will.

When you allow yourself to get distracted by the fears and doubts that others want to bring into your life, then you will have a “quick ear for bad news” and “large eyes for troubles ahead”. You will just end up becoming an inventor of things that will never happen. Even Jesus said in Luke 9: 62, “No man, having put his hand on the plough and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God”.

When you are distracted, you tend to lose concentration. Always learn to concentrate on one thing at a time and rule out all influences that do not have bearing on the task at hand. Within your concentration, the rest of the world can not distract you.

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