Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It takes a Change to take Charge

Many fail in life simply due to their unwillingness to make certain changes. But the fact remains that correction and change always culminates in fruitfulness.
The entire mankind is divided into 3 classes:

· Those who are unchangeable
· Those who are changeable
· Those who cause change

Change is always very difficult for the man who has fallen into a rut because he has scaled down his living to only that which he can handle comfortably and therefore welcomes no change or challenge that would lift him up. If you find yourself in a pit then you must stop digging. Whenever things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them. Stubbornness and unwillingness to change is the energy of fools.

A wise man called Francis Bacon said, “He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils”. Ps 32:8 says “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shall go. I will guide thee with mine eye”. God can never close one door without opening another one but we must be willing to change in order to walk through that new door. Infact playing it safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You should not stand still. You just need to move forward and be open to those adjustments that God has for you. The most unhappy people in the world today are those who are afraid to make changes. It has been said that ‘you can not make an omelet without breaking eggs'. One change always makes room for the next change, thereby giving us the opportunities to grow.

In fact, you’ve got to be open to change because whenever you think you are ready to graduate from the school of experience, somebody else would think up new course. Decide to be willing to experience change.

If only you can figure out where you stand firm and when to bend, you’ve got it made. Though we might become nervous because of incessant change, we would be absolutely frightened if we stop the change.

Blessed is that man who can adjust to a set of circumstances without surrendering his convictions. Always open up your arms to change but never let go of your values. Majority of people usually meet with failure simply due to lack of persistence in developing new ideas to replace those who failed. Infact, your growth mainly depends on your willingness to experience change.

So change now, so you can take charge!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mentality of a Champion II

Most people in today’s world usually choose problem of their sizes and ignore the bigger or smaller problems to others. As a champion, you must always learn to look out for problems and tasks bigger then you. In fact, real success in any endeavor usually demands more from an individual than most people are willing to offer. The desire not to take risks so as be safe will always stand against every great and virtuous dream. Self-security is indeed the first step towards stagnation. He who dares nothing should expect nothing.

A Wise man called Christian Bovee once said, "One who is contented with what he has done will never be famous for what he will do”. If you have achieved all that you have planned for yourself, then you have not planned enough.

Always be used for a mighty purpose. Dare to choose a goal for which you are willing to exchange a piece of your life. The surest way to happiness is lose yourself in a course greater than yourself, because you will always be unhappy if you do not reach out for something that goes beyond you.

Another wise man called Robert Goddard also said, “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is simply the hope of today and the reality to tomorrow”. Every great action usually seems impossible when it undertaken. To be complacently satisfied with yourself is indeed a sure sign that your progress is about to end.

If you are satisfied with yourself, then you better change your ideals. Always keep moving and keep pressing. There is no stopping for you. Never get satisfied or contended. That alone will spring forth a new desire to keep digging, moving and pressing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Mentality of a Champion

The key to momentum is to always have something in faith to look forward to. It is either we live by faith or we don’t live at all. It is either we venture or we vegetate.

This generation is in need of more people who would specialize in the impossible. This year’s success was last year’s impossibility. The success of today was yesterday’s impossibility. A wise man called Sherwood Eddy said, "Faith is not trying to believe something regardless of the evidence, but it is simply daring to do something regardless of the consequence".

Another wise man called Sir Philips Brooks said, "Do not pray for easy lives but instead, pray to be stronger men". Do not pray for tasks equal to your power, rather pray for power equal to your tasks. Jesus said in John 10:10 "...I am come that you might have life much more abundantly". Always learn to shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you’ll still land among the stars (Les Brown).

We are all like rubber bands. We are usually much more useful when we are stretched. You can only accomplish in proportion to what you attempt. The reason, why so little is only accomplished is because, so little is attempted. Never say Never; you have to think big to be big. A wise man called Seneca said, "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare but simply because we do not dare that things are difficult".

Infact, impossibility is what nobody can do until somebody does. It is always fun to do the impossible. When we tend to play life safe, we create the most insecurity for ourselves. You do not tap the resources of God until you are ready to attempt the impossible. Infact, risk is definitely part of God’s plan. Phil 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

It is only minds, corroded with mediocrity that usually dismiss any thing that reaches beyond their own understanding. Even a coward can praise God, but it only takes a man of courage to follow Him. Calvin Collidge once said, "We do not need more intellectual power, but what we need is more spiritual power, we do not need more of the things that are seen but need more of things that are unseen".

Every progress in life always involves risks. He who does not dare will not get his share. Until you enter the bee-hive, you cannot take the honey. Always look for ways to flex your "risk muscles". Everyone has a "risk muscle", which could be kept in proper shape simply by experimenting and trying new things. Robert Schuller once said, "the people who are real failures in life are the people who set their standards so low, keep the bar at a safe level, that they never run the risk of failure".

Every mighty ship will always ask for very deep waters. When you dare for nothing, you should hope for nothing. Infact, God wants us to bite off more than we can chew; to live by faith and not by sight.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


"Overcoming any battle in life in order to stand out entails overcoming yourself because your biggest and greatest enemy is you."

SELF is a person’s inner being. It is what you really are. Until you overcome your inner being, until you learn to confront your internal critic, you will find it very hard to overcome temptations. For you to overcome temptations, you must learn to resist the devil, for the Bible calls him ‘the tempter’, and for you to resist the devil, you must first of all learn to resist yourself, simply by overcoming the Self factor. Now the question is, “How do I overcome myself?”

Overcoming one’s self
This is synonymous with Self control. You must learn to rule your own spirit. Proverbs 25:28 says “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.” And in correlation with my earlier statement, having self control sometimes come with resisting the devil. And that’s why 1Cor 7:5 says, “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourself to fasting and prayer, and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your inconsistency.” This explains that one good way to overcome yourself is by resisting the devil, by prayer and fasting '...that satan tempt you not'.

Humans are tempted every now and then. Even Jesus Christ was tempted too. Of course, it is not a sin to be tempted. But how you handle the temptation is what matters.

Resisting temptations is one problem most humans face. To resist temptations, you must learn to Resist the devil. The devil is very deceptive in nature. But when the WORD is dwelling in you, not just affecting you, but infecting you, the devil will have no chances of getting at you

A reprobate minded person easily consents to temptations. But someone whose foundation is built upon the Word of God will be guided accordingly. Take a look at Joseph during his life time. He refused the advances made by Pharoah's wife. That led him to the prison, then to the palace (a place he probably never thought of entering in his life), and finally to become the Prime minister of Egypt (an height he probably never dreamt of attaining). This therefore brings about the realization of a statement usually made by one of my mentors, "Every negative action of the devil, always leads to a positive tranformation for a true believer."

Therefore, one must resist the devil and everything associated with him in order to overcome temptations, and the only way to resist the devil is by overcoming one's self, which is through Self control, which can also be catalysed by praying and fasting.

Friday, October 13, 2006


In the school of success, the first basic rule that must be obeyed is the rule of Self. Overcoming any battle in life in order to stand out entails overcoming yourself because your biggest and greatest enemy is you.

Always learn to stay out of own way. The moment you find yourself getting in your own way, then you’re simply acting like an old refrigerator, which slowly builds up an ice formation, and allowed to accumulate. If unchecked, will definitely reduce its effectiveness and efficiency considerably.

A wise man called Dwight L. Mondy once said, "I have never met a man who given so much trouble as myself". This therefore implies that the first and best victory is to simply conquer yourself because most significant battles are usually waged within one’s self.

Most times, a change of self is needed more than a change of sense. So, the good advice is this, only you can hold yourself back, only you can stand in your way, only you can help yourself. Infact, there is no one to stop you than yourself.

Whenever you find yourself standing in your own way, then you’ll always hope vaguely and also dread precisely. Always learn how to confront your internal critic i.e. the one that lies within.

If you want to move your greatest obstacle, then you must come to realise that the greatest obstacle is yourself. Another wise man called Edgar Guest once said, "give the man you’d like to be, a look at the man you are presently". Change what you tell yourself. The greatest problem is not the devil but rather, the greatest problem is you. Most people can never overcome some temptations, not because there is an impossibility to the resistance of that temptation but simply because such people have not learnt how to overcome themselves. Infact, it takes overcoming self to overcome temptations.

The moment you’re being subdued by Self, then get ready to be subdued by set backs, limitations and confrontations. Remember, one of the profound things about problems is that most them don’t really exist, except in our imaginations.

Infact, the fear you fear is mostly within yourself and nowhere else. There two forces always warring against each within us. One says you can’t, while the other says, with God you can. Sir Edmond Hillary once said, “It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.” Therefore, always learn to stay out of your own way.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome to In-spiracio, the site of Inspiration!

I have been contemplating on creating a blog like this for quite some time now, and I finally made up my mind recently, and there you have it - In-spiracio!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire its readers, and also affect their lives positively. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to read inspirational/motivational messages and alike, I congratulate you because you are in the right place!

This blog is going to be updated at least, on a weekly basis. So please feel free to always check weekly for updates and more inspirational stuffs from here. If you feel that there are things that this blog is lacking, please feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to meet up to your expectation.

Welcome to In-spiracio. Be inspired...